TV commercial production for Pohjanmaan

Our creation, began from an original concept, focusing on the target audience and product features. In the given situation, as an element of high-end marketing, we used motives from the James Bond movie. After our concept approval, we developed the director and operator scripts.

Besides the concept development, our team was working on the interior and detailing of each shot. In addition to classic storyboards, we developed 3D models with simulated camera movements.

We auditioned over 100 actors and after multiple photo and video tests, we choose two actors, which would suit best James Bond and his Misses, at the same time, we had to maintain our focus on the target audience and product. The difficulty was finding actors which would fit our plot and have the skill of modern dance.

Production took place in a movie pavilion with an area over 500 sq.m. It took us three days to build the interior and three days to film.